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Do we have a physical clinic or gym location?

Starting September 2018, PT3 is excited to share that we now have a Private Client Center in North Scottsdale.  With 3 private training and treatment rooms, our goal is to continue to provide the one on one setting with you and your PT in a modern clinic environment unlike anything you have ever seen before!  Available by appointment only. 


What are the costs for our services?

Rates are dependent on location and pre-paid visits packages. 


Do we accept medicare or any other insurance reimbursement?

Unfortunately we do not directly accept insurance cases at this time.


Do you have physical therapists and personal trainers?

No, our physical therapists also serve as your personal trainer to optimize your rehabilitation, fitness, and reduce risk of injury. 


Are treatments and/or exercise sessions carried out by techs?

No, our services are all one-on-one with a doctor of PT. 


How is PT3 different from other home-health and/or clinic settings?

PT3 is not a typical home health provider. Our aim is to bring the clinical setting and/or gym into the comfort of your home, by providing the appropriate equipment and resources. Unlike the clinical setting our physical therapists will provide one on one care for the entire treatment. We do not utilize support staff, as we feel your care is best suited under the guidance of a licensed physical therapist. This personable approach allows us to employ a functional teaching method designed to educate you on the purpose of every clinical modality and therapeutic activity performed during treatment. PT3 believes that optimal rehabilitation is ensured by your full understanding of your physical impairments, the steps to address those impairments, and the process needed to enhance your physical ability. Together, this approach allows us to treat your physical symptoms and address musculoskeletal deficiencies, which can result in permanent symptom resolution.Traditional insurance based physical therapy clinics and home health agencies rely on quantity of services, as insurance reimbursement is often untimely and discounted. These clinics are forced to utilize support staff, like physical therapy aides or techs to augment productivity, and subsequently the quality of patient care may be compromised. PT3’s pay for service model affords our physical therapists more time to focus on our patients’ individualized plan of care, which will maximize rehabilitation potential. 


"Matt Gloyd has provided incredible one-on-one personalized physical therapy to many of my executive patients, ranging from a  22 year old seeking to recover from sports injuries to my 91 year old patient who needed help with posture and gait difficulties. His work has simply been miraculous.  My patients have credited Matt with their successful recovery.  I most highly recommend Matt Gloyd and his PT3 team of doctoral physical therapists/trainers!"

Dr. E. Connie Mariano, MD
Center for Executive Medicine, Scottsdale, AZ
White House Physician (1992 – 2001)

"Matt’s exquisite expertise has solved three life changes for me.  1) I was scheduled for rotator cuff surgery.  With Matt’s targeted therapy, I have developed enough collateral strength to enjoy Pain Free full range of motion without the agony of surgery and a six month difficult recovery.  2) I tried many times in my life (post high school athletics) to “get in shape”.  Always without success as trying to hard would invoke pain such that I would stop.  With Matt’s gradual and controlled workouts, I have drastically increased my physical well being … for example my functional aerobic capacity increased 50%. 3) I have always been an enthusiastic but unskilled skier.  On a recent ski trip, I hit a patch of ice AT SPEED, got my skis crossed and was able to fully recover due to the core strength Matt helped me develop.  A major accident avoided. In summary what higher endorsement could I make of Matt’s work?

John Weber

"After scheduling a knee replacement I engaged PT3 to assist me in strengthening the knee prior to surgery.  After only two sessions my knee muscles lengthened reducing stiffness, swelling went down and pain went away!   I canceled my surgery."

Gerry Shaheen

“Our Whisper Rock ladies group really enjoys the boxing/circuit training class PT3 offers weekly. The positive energy, care with individual physical limitations, dynamic exercises, and boxing create an excellent workout!!!”

Lisa Lustgarten

"Matt Gloyd and PT3 have been instrumental in my recovery from a tear in my rotator cuff and labrum. A full recovery has ensued and I have been able to return to weight training. In addition, our relationship broadened to include personal training and nutrition. Over the last 18 months I have increased my stamina, strength, and lost a significant amount of weight. All of this was done in a steady, methodological, and professional manner. I could not be happier with the results."

Ken Windheim