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Personal Training



PT3 restores and improves human movement in an effort to promote functional mobility, reduce risk of injury, enhance physical performance and ensure orthopedic longevity as a means to enrich our patients’ quality of life.  Your physical therapist is also your trainer, with the knowledge of your restrictions and capabilities to reach your ultimate goals.


Functional Assessment

In your initial evaluation, PT3 will determine your level of function and fitness by using standard tests and adapted protocols developed by our doctoral staff.  This will provide the patient and the PT/T a starting point in achieving their wellness goals.  By simply improving your quality of movement, one can decrease the risk of injury and optimize performance.

Proprioceptive/Balance Training

PT3 defines a strong core as a collaborative balance of muscle groups surrounding your spine.   By creating a package of dynamic exercises to engage these core muscles, you can find greater stability, comfort, safety and satisfaction in your daily life.  This functional approach accelerates your fitness results.


Boxing/Circuit Training

Working out Smarter can shorten the length of your workout. Our developed methodology combines circuit training to work on flexibility and strength mixed with boxing to increase cardiovascular health and endurance.  Our exercises take a more functional approach working muscle groups in different planes to improve overall conditioning.  

 Weight Loss

You cannot out train a bad diet! Counting calories going in and burning calories going out is the secret to your success. Under the direction of a PT/T, your customized exercise regimen will put more of your muscles to work with greater efficiency and higher intensity aimed at accelerating fat loss. Your benchmarks measure our success together.

Our Whisper Rock ladies group really enjoys the boxing/circuit training class PT3 offers weekly. The positive energy, care with individual physical limitations, dynamic exercises, and boxing create an excellent workout!!!
— Lisa Lustgarten

Athletic Performance

PT3 offers an innovative approach to elevating the performance of all athletes. Our unique protocols start with a functional movement analysis to diagnose any limitations.  Once an athlete is fully screened and treated, we are able to apply creative measures to enhance their performance and overall biomechanics through various training drills. This unique training package will not only educate the athlete, but reduce risk of injury and enhance the overall performance and function of the athlete.


Functional Movement Analysis

Though an extensive evaluation process the PT/Ts will assess range of motion, flexibility, strength, and dynamic movement patterns using multi-planar testing mats. Once the athlete has been evaluated we are ready to customize a training program to elevate their performance. 

Golf Specific Training Programs

Improve your range of motion, flexibility, core strength, hip engagement and club head speed through our unique training program. Our equipment, drills and hands on approach are designed to optimize the biomechanics of every client, elevating your performance on the golf course.

Tennis Specific Training Programs

Ready to improve your racket speed, lateral movements, explosiveness, and coordination for your tennis game? Bret Waltz customizes rehab and performance based programs designed to optimize the biomechanics of every client to allow for higher performance on the tennis court. 

Performance Enhancement Training

PT3 offers skill development through innovative equipment and dynamic drills which increase speed, agility, power, verticality, and coordination. No matter what sport you play, you will be one step ahead of the field. Weighted vests, parachutes, sleds, ladders and bands, are just a few examples of how we can get you to the top of your game. 

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